Manage Dust & Keep Your Home Clean

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Dust is every homeowner’s nightmare. That’s because dust can cause a wide range of health complications such as allergic reactions and asthma attacks. That’s because dust is actually made up of tiny particles that can include bodily triggers, such as dirt, pollen, or skin cells. Not to mention it’s a huge hassle. No one likes dusting, yet it re-appears every few weeks (even after a few days), causing us to remove it all over again.

However, with proper dust containment and removal practices, you can work to lessen these side effects, all while keeping your home cleaner and dust-free. Here are a few tips that will help you out.

1. Make your Bed for a Cleaner, Dust-Free Home

It’s crazy, right? But not many people realize the value of making the bed every morning. Dust mites often reside in pillow covers, so giving them a few pats will do the trick. For best results, you can change your pillow covers and bedding regularly to keep your bedroom fresh and free from dust mites.

Frequent laundry can diminish dust mites’ presence in your home, too.

2. Clean or Change Your Home’s Air Filters

Your air conditioner unit is an asset that helps you cool down during hot summers. Often, the air filters of your AC unit will get clogged and, without proper maintenance, cause dust to spread. By clearing your air filters of dust, your AC will be able to adequately cool down your home and prevent the spread of pesky dust.

Be sure to replace air filters at the recommended interval for even more effective results.

3. Vacuum Your Home Regularly

Indeed, the obvious chore you will need to do to keep your home dust-free is regular vacuuming. Focus on your carpet and make sure you clear out narrow gaps and crawl spaces where most of the dust reside. (Gross, right?!) But by sucking these dust bugs and particles from the nooks and crannies from your home, you can help keep it from heading toward your living spaces or breathing air.

Meanwhile, you’ll want to keep your vacuum clean. Change bags, empty bins, and wipe down excess dust at least once a month.

4. Clean out Your Attic and Basement

When was the last time you cleaned up your storage areas? Dust hides and settles in the spaces we use less frequently, especially if they are filled with items that can contain dust mites or tucked away dirt. This includes storage boxes, clothes, and belongings that get little use. And unfortunately, this means dust can be hiding deeply in these very areas of your home. Plan to sweep or vacuum these areas thoroughly on a regular basis. Added features, such as air-tight seals on basement or attic access doors can also keep dust where it belongs — out of your living space.

Using the right approaches, you can achieve a home that’s dust free. But if you don’t have the luxury of time, you can call up a professional cleaning service to help you out. 

Manage Dust & Keep Your Home Clean

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