Beat the Coronavirus with Our Electrostatic Sprayer

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Disinfect using the electrostatic sprayer

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Posted by BritLin Services on Saturday, March 14, 2020

It’s time to kick germs to the curb with BritLin Cleaning’s Electrostatic Sprayer. This state-of-the-art device rapidly deploys disinfectant on all surfaces in its path. It’s a quick and effective way to keep areas germ-free, without the threat of lingering germs.

Due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, the world is re-thinking its relationship to germs. This means new methods of cleaning, and faster ways to enact disinfectants. The Electrostatic Sprayer can kill and remove pathogens in a safe and time efficient manner. This is done using hospital-grade cleaning materials, or whatever disinfectant you choose.

At BritLin Cleaning, we chose to enact methods, such as the Electrostatic Sprayer, to give our clients more bang for the buck. We can clean larger surfaces in less time, all while keeping it cleaner and free from coronavirus germs.

How Does the Electrostatic Sprayer Work?

An electrostatic sprayer discharges an EPA-approved disinfectant mist with a positive charge. In doing so, the disinfectant is attracted to negatively charged items, such as door knobs, light switches, counter tops, etc.

In this video, Pam shows you how the electrostatic sprayer works. If you would like to learn more or schedule your own disinfecting treatment, contact us today! Call us at 512-627-7172, or get a free estimate with our online form.

Beat the Coronavirus with Our Electrostatic Sprayer

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