Create Your New Summer Cleaning Schedule

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Staying inside cleaning while it’s so nice out can be hard! Create a summer cleaning schedule or contact BritLin Cleaning to get your home clean and help get the job done so you can spend more time doing the things you love. 

Summer is a time of year to be outside more often! That means some of your outdoor spaces may need to be spruced up a bit to get the most out of your summer. 

Clean Your Outdoor Spaces

During the winter months, your patio furniture just sits there and collects grime and dust before the summer months. Clean off your patio set with a hose then gently scrub the set with a cleaner that is good for the material or mild soap and water. Try to avoid using bleach to clean patios sets as they could damage the material or kill nearby plants. 

It’s no secret debris falls from trees and gets blown onto your porch by the summer breeze. Put, brooms on all patios, decks, and porches for easy access to a quick sweep for when you have guests over or you are just enjoying it yourself! When your patio furniture is clean and your porch is swept get back to that grill and clean the grill grates for a fresh start of barbecuing this year! Use a pumice stone to make sure all remnants of food are gone from the previous use, then wash thoroughly making sure the leftover pumice stone is removed.

Next up, those hard-to-reach gutters! To clean your gutters use an attachment on your hose or leafblower to safely clean the debris out, this way your feet can stay on the ground. If you opt to use a hose, you may want to wear your rainjacket, it could get a little wet. If you do not have one of these accessible getting up on a safe ladder and pushing the debris out with a tool is another option. After pushing out the debris using a spray nozzle to clean the dirt and grime left behind. 

Indoor Cleaning During the Summer

Before turning on your fan on the first hot day of the year make sure you clean off dust and debris that has collected on top of the blades. Use a pillowcase with your favorite cleaner sprayed inside so when you put the pillowcase over the blade you and your floor stay dust-free, and now your ceiling fan is too! 

Now let’s head to the kitchen to clean the cabinets. It is important to wipe off your cabinets during the summer months. They may get sticky, especially the handles by so many hands touching them. Wipe these off with mild soap and water a few times a month during the summer for a fresh and easy way to maintain cleanliness. 

Why not use the heat and fresh air to your advantage? Summer time is the perfect time to take out your curtains and drapes to air them out. Shake your curtains and drapes to remove dust and debris, then let set out and air dry and in the heat. This can also help remove lingering odors. 

Whether you’ve got a busy summer schedule with your children’s activities or your finally finding time to relax, BritLin Cleaning is here to help your home stay clean! By scheduling a routine scheduled cleaning you can stop worrying about when the house will be clean and plan ahead for the week’s activities.

BritLin Cleaning Here To Help

Is your schedule jam-packed during the summer months? BritLin cleaning can help with our wide variety of services. 

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Create Your New Summer Cleaning Schedule

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