A Cleaner Home Means Cleaner Air

a clean home means clean air with BritLin cleaning services

Could the air in your home be causing breathing problems? Having a clean home can be a big part of how clean the air in your home is. Regularly cleaning your home could help with issues like COPD as well as asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems. Plus, who wants to breathe in dirty air? Yuck!

Simple Cleaning That Makes a Difference in Air Quality

There are many simple cleaning jobs that can be done to improve the air quality in your home. Dusting may seem like an endless chore, getting every surface from the top of your home to the bottom. But, dust can build up fast. Dusting a couple of times a week can help tremendously, especially in older homes or homes with poor ventilation. Not only should you dust twice a week, washing your towels and floor mats is good practice. Make sure these items dry out completely after washing, or they may get moldy.

Once a week break out that vacuum and catch the upholstery, rugs, and carpet. Carpet can hold a multitude of dust particles, especially if it is a tight weave. After you vacuum your floors, then you can start mopping! The floor collects everything that falls from above like, dust, crumbs, and anything in between, not to mention dirt and grime from shoes and feet. Mopping your floor can instantly make your home feel cleaner and help the quality of air. Next up, wash your linens! Your linens receive regular wear from sleeping, and while you sleep skin particles are getting on the linens. 

There are a few things that only need to be done a few times a year, but could greatly improve air quality within your home. Wash pillows, curtains, and drapes to remove a host of dust, mites, and dirt. 

BritLin Cleaning is Here to Help

Cleaning is a chore! Time is precious, cleaning your home top to bottom every week is nearly impossible with the fast-paced lifestyle many have these days. But, clean air is important for many different health reasons. BritLin Cleaning is here to help you take a daunting task off of your plate. We have many different services to get the air quality back to breathable in no time. We offer services such as a first time clean, maintenance clean, and we also offer many add-on services. If you receive the maintenance clean you can choose between a clean every week, bi-weekly, or once a month. 

Here at BritLin Cleaning, we want to make life easier for you. Our deep clean service will clean your entire home, including places that may not get much love otherwise. We also clean places that are too high to reach that may not have been cleaned in a while. Our trained cleaning professionals dust, polish, scrub, vacuum, and clean everything. Leaving your home looking and feeling clean without you having to do any of the work. The products we use are eco-friendly, and we bring all tools and cleaning products necessary unless specified otherwise.

Breathe easy with BritLin Cleaning. Get an instant estimate today, and get back to loving your home.

A Cleaner Home Means Cleaner Air

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