4 Simple Cleaning Hacks You Can Implement This Winter

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The winter weather is in full force now, but that doesn’t mean your home has to suffer. BritLin Cleaning is here to offer you tips and tricks to keep your home tidy in between your regular home cleanings.

Check out these four simple winter cleaning hacks you can use to address home cleaning issues this season.

Winter Home Cleaning

1. Keep up with Dusting – The winter months are cooler and you may have turned on the heat, yes, even in Austin, Texas. That means your home might be dryer than usual and dust is collecting, which may cause those who suffer from indoor allergies issues. So keep all those little nooks and crannies fresh with a simple wet cloth.

2. Entryways Clear – With the combination of more people working from home due to the pandemic and the holiday season just passing your entryway is probably cluttered and may have turned into the family “dropzone”. Tidying up the toys, bags, and family belongings at the end of the day is something that seems small, but will make the rest of your house feel cleaner. If the first space that you enter daily is kept tidy and organized, it helps sets a good mood for the rest of your home.

3. Time to Wash Linens – Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be the only time your home gets an extra deep clean. Some common washable linen items – curtains, couch cushions, small blankets, and small cloth rugs. Be sure to check the washing labels to make sure they can be machine washed. Also, we suggest washing comforters and duvets that may have been in storage during the warmer months.

4. Replace Your Air Filter – It is recommended that the air filter be replaced monthly. You can also take the vacuum and clean out any dust trapped surrounding the vent. Keeping the air filter clean provides your home with clean air and keeps your energy bill down.

BritLin Cleaning is Here for You

Here at BritLin Cleaning, we want your home to be your sanctuary. Our highly trained cleaning professionals dust, polish, scrub, vacuum, and clean everything. Leaving your home looking and feeling clean without you having to do any of the work.

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4 Simple Cleaning Hacks You Can Implement This Winter

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